Sunday, September 15, 2013

When A Newly Wed Couple's Dining Out Plan Was Spoiled

A couple of years back when we had virtual distinction within a restaurant - smoking zone and no smoking zone, though actually it didn't use to make a big difference. I was sitting in Zen in Connaught Place, Delhi with my family. We were sitting on a no-smoking table but it was not making a big difference as regular blows of smoke was coming from all sides, from the tables lying in smoking zone.

Now a days, smoking at public places is against law and hence punishable. But at that time we had a not too good experience that got imprinted on my mind, so am sharing here. There was a newly wed couple - a handsome boy and a sweet cute girl, who had planned to dine out in some good restaurant in Connaught Place and hence landed in the same restaurant where we were sitting already. The couple took a non smoking table and were not even settled properly when the girl noticed a single man sitting just opposite to her on a smoking table, having a fag in his hand, a peg in front of him and just staring at her continuously.

The girl told her husband about it, but even when the boy noticed that man and looked at him, it did not stop that man to do what he was doing. Probably it was his culture, or the peg, or the money in his pocket, or his family background, or his education, or something else. But it forced that couple to call an attendant in that restaurant and request him to get them a table on first floor. Within few minutes the couple was gone upstairs, had a comfortable seat with no poaching eyes around, laughing and enjoying their dinner together.

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