Saturday, September 28, 2013

Book Review: Teenage Blues Parenting Clues: By A YA For All Moms And Dads

This is a courageous task done by Anjaneya Mishra by writing this lovely book on parenting titled Teenage Blues Parenting Clues: Powerful Parenting Principles from a Young Adult. This is a compilation of series of experiences gained by all budding adults passing through that most transitional phase in human life known as Teenage. This is the age when teenager is full of vibrant energy scattered in multi-dimensions. This is the phase when they are passing through self exploration, exploration of their relationship with their parents, siblings and other family members; and understanding a small word called world. This is the age when they feel extremes of everything and anything. They pass through all highs and lows of different moods.

Well the book is a practical handbook and the title fits excellently. Teenage Blues Parenting Clues by Anjaneya Mishra passes through first hand insights of the key struggle points faced during this phase of a youth. Cover is simple using three colors but going well with the title and theme of this book. Anjaneya finished his schooling in Delhi and Mumbai post which he did his graduation from St Xavier's School, Jaipur. Currently he is a student of HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Anjaneya has touched some very sensitive points in this book and these points - which are top priority for a teenager, might appear baseless and superfluous to parents. And these points hence prove teenagers as uncommunicative, rebellious, self-obsessed, rude, inattentive and so on.

Kudos to Anjaneya for writing Teenage Blues Parenting Clues with excellent references by means of some very meaningful stories. Book clearly indicates that it requires a lot of patience and proper handling of teenagers by their parents. The fire can't be controlled with fire and hence parents have a choice to use that fire in a constructive manner to educate it to become a useful means or spread in all directions in a meaningless manner just becoming a means of destruction.

Overall, this 194 pages book Teenage Blues Parenting Clues by a young adult Anjaneya Mishra, who has just crossed this stage of teenager, is an interesting, thought provoking, meaningful and a directive guide for both parents and their teenager kids published by Jaico Publishing House.

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