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Author Interview: Adite Banerjie: Who Mastered Mills and Boons Romances, Bollywood Romanticism During Her Teens

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She mastered in Mills and Boon romances during her teens and also got fascinated by Bollywood romantic movies/ songs and dances, around same period. Her father was a big time associate with Bollywood being a successful filmmaker. On the other hand her mother had a great bend of mind towards literature. Growing up between these two different worlds of art along with a third dimension of her own world of romance, dance, music, and books; Adite Banerjie landed into a profession of business journalism. For few years she sustained herself in this profession writing about real world and reporting about business scenarios. But soon she encountered boredom with this profession and decided to carve her own successful path as a screenwriter. In 2012 she acclaimed her first award on the basis of her first romantic short story that was very impactful to get her Passions Aspiring Authors Contest Award 2012. She decides to continue to live with her passion for fiction, romance and writing. Her first novel The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal is just out and is available on flipkart, amazon, harlequin.
Please share some of the best memories of your childhood
My loveliest memories are of the times I spent listening to my dad narrate stories. He was a great raconteur and could keep us all spellbound. Whether it was a story that he had made up on the spot, a recounting of something he had observed or a story from his childhood he could really give it an entertaining spin.

About your education

I grew up in Bombay where I did my schooling and college. After finishing my B.Com from Narsee Monjee College I did a diploma course in Journalism from K.C. College. 

What career did you plan during your education days?
I always planned to be in the writing profession though in those days I was more focused on becoming a journalist.  So my plan worked out well as I ended up working as a journalist for more than 15 years. J

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
Well, inspiration for me comes from different sources at different times. I can be inspired after watching a moving film; reading a great piece of writing or by the actions/deeds of people who strive to achieve their goals against all odds. 

What hurts you most in this world?
I am a dog lover and I often come across people who bring dogs into their lives and then abandon them for the most frivolous reasons. It angers and hurts me to see such cruelty to these beautiful creatures that have nothing but devotion, loyalty and love to offer to human beings. 

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? Were you able to overcome it? How?
I guess challenges are part and parcel of life and whenever you face one you  feel overwhelmed by it and struggle with it before you get around to dealing/overcoming it. In my writing career, I have always challenged myself to explore new options. After a 15 year career in journalism I went into economic research and content development which had its own unique set of challenges. Later I got into screenplay writing and then dived into novel writing. 
As for overcoming the challenges, I guess it's all about the mindset--deciding what's important to you at the moment and working towards your goal. 

If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?
Frankly, I would rather not be in anybody else's shoes -- whether dead or alive. But if given the opportunity I would like to take a sneak peek into a day in the writing life of Rabindranath Tagore.  

What is your favorite genre and why?
I like to read all kinds of books including thrillers, literary fiction, romantic thrillers, and non-fiction. I am a huge fan of Amitava Ghosh and love every single book that he has written. I also love reading Jhumpa Lahiri, Khaled Hosseini, William Dalrymple. I will read pretty much anything that is entertaining and well written. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a dog lover and love stories that feature dogs in it. James Herriot's books are on top of my list as "evergreen" reads and so are P.G. Wodehouse's books. I also read a lot of  screenplays. One of my early mentors in journalism had told me that if you want to be a writer you must read anything that you can lay your hands on. And I think that's the best piece of advice that I have ever received. 

What is the purpose of your writing?
I read to be entertained and similarly I would hope that my writing would be able to entertain my readers. 

Which of your work published so far?
My debut novel titled "The Indian Tycoon's Marriage Deal" has been published by Harlequin India and is available from September 2013 at online and offline book stores. 

What are your forthcoming writings?
I am writing a second book for Harlequin India which is expected to come out early next year. 

What are your future plans?
I plan to pursue both screenwriting and novel writing. One of my scripts which is based on a true life story is going to be made into a film soon. I have also co-written a family comedy script with an Australian screenwriter which is being pitched to Hollywood production companies. I have a bunch of ideas for movies and books that I plan to work on besides of course writing more books. 

What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
The premise of the story, the plot, the characters and the entertainment quotient of the story.
Your dream destination on Earth?
The Greek islands - Santorini & Crete.

Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?
I was born in India and I love travelling. I have visited some of the most interesting destinations in Hungary, Slovenia, the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and the US. I love the manner in which these countries have preserved their cultural heritage sites and the sense of space that I get when I visit these places. 
What is your zodiac?

One thing in your life you wish had not happened?
I consider myself to be lucky enough to say that I truly don't have any regrets in life. 
What is your definition of fear and how to overcome it?
I have not experienced a life and death situation -- in which case fear for one's life or safety would perhaps be too real to intellectualize about. But yes, fear of failure, loss, rejection is something that we all go through. To me the only way to deal with these fears is to deal with the situation that is causing it and try and take steps that help resolve the situation in a positive manner. 

How would you define God in your words?
A source of strength that helps me strengthen my self belief and get through difficult times.
Thanks Jaideep for hosting me on your blog and for your thought-provoking questions. Wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

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