Sunday, August 18, 2013

Product Review: mint-o Ultramintz: Ultimate And Unlimited Chill Pill

When she first knocked the door I didn't expect that she would be there on the door. In fact it was not she who knocked at the door, it was the courier guy with whom she had come. She was handed over to me as soon as I opened the door. She was covered and beautifully packed. It was two boxes packed in a fantastic pack containing the ultimate chill pills of mint-o Ultramintz.

Unwrapping her was an excellent experience. The beautifully packed small box of Ultramitz was lying on a bed of blue smooth sheet. She opened her eyes as I unpacked her and blinked at me. That was a killing blink. The small box was now in my hand. Opening it and taking a pill out out it made my mouth open at the first glance of the small chill pill. The first pill was on my tongue giving me an ultimate experience. The powerful sugar-free pill mint-o Ultramitz was as smooth on my tongue as a sweetest of the peppermint. There were 60 powerful pellets packed in a premium box of stylish black tin case. 

Technically it was the best of packing anyone could have imagined. The constituents of each pellet are best of the quality of menthol, combined with special
cooling compounds and last but not the least - peppermint oils from the France. Believe me, it gave me an ultimate and unimaginable cooling impact. Sweet but zero sugar pellet is definitely an ultimate experience. Smoothness with which the pellet moves on your tongue gives an unlimited chill pill effect. She won my heart at first sight and then the taste won my taste buds as well. The first sweet chilling experience that you gain after taking a pallet in your mouth gives you a refreshing and ultimate cooling. 

The cool breeze that travelled to my mind made me dance. I took the black tin case in my hand, put on the finest of music to equal the finest of cooling, and started dancing on the floor as swiftly as the cooling was impacting my mind. It really takes away all your tensions, gives you a fantastic cooling deep through your mind and heart and makes you fresh instantly. The long lasting cooling effect makes your day as swift and cool as the powerful mint-o Ultramintz pellet.

As for me it is an ultimate mix of powerful peppermint, menthol along with the coolness it brings in you that refreshes your mind in first go. It is really a lifetime experience gained for the first time failing all my past experience done with any other kind of mints so far. Once you experience the new mint-o Ultramintz, you will have the same opinion as mine - that there is no other powerful chill pill on this earth other than the ultimate mint-o Ultramintz.

A small pellet is strong enough to provide you this ultimate, super cool and finest of the moments. One will have to agree that these are not merely 60 pellets in the small tin case but 60 pellets of magical, cool and ultimate moments that you get out of it.

This post is in response to a Blogadda Mint-o Ultramintz experience. This is a part of the Blogadda Product Review program.
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