Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Heart Cries For Rape Of A Journalist But Why We Salute Those Raping Our Country

Last Friday my driver Vikas told me something scary that happened to him during the day after dropping me in the morning at the office in the morning. He told that he received a call from an unknown number on his mobile. He accepted the call. There was a lady on the other side who told him that her daughter is missing for last 4 days after she left home with a person known to the family. Vikas' number has been traced from the address book of that person's mobile and it is being presumed that both these guys know each other. Hence, the mother requested Vikas to tell her the whereabouts of her daughter.

Vikas got terrified as soon he received this call at around 9 am. He thought that since he has told that lady that he doesn't know both the names that lady told him - her daughter's or the person with whom her daughter had eloped. Around 11.30, he received a call from another number from the same lady telling him that she is calling from a distant city and requested him to check hotels around where he lives to find out her daughter. Vikas clearly told her that he doesn't have any hotels around the place where he lives. The lady further enquired about his name, address etc. and got rough during the conversation after which Vikas got really tensed and terrified and closed the call. He decided to dial 100 for assistance.

The person who received his call after he dialed 100 listened to the whole story what had happened so far and told him to go to the police station near to his residence to file an FIR for the same. I got a call from Vikas at around 1.30 pm that he is rushing home for some urgent piece of work. He briefly told me what all had happened so far with him and that he was going to the police station near to his house.

When I met Vikas today in the morning, I asked him for what happened after that. He told that on his way back at around 3 pm he again received a call from the same lady threatening him this time to tell about her daughter as she was very worried about her. Vikas also told her that he has told police about her calls and is going to police station to file a formal complaint.

After he reached police station and filed he complaint he was told by the staff on duty there - Complaint to aapka register ho gaya hai. Abhi shaam ka time hone wala hai, kuch chai paani ka intezam ho jaye?

This is a small example. The same thing happens everywhere - either you go with a influence or must have some currency in your hand to push it in the mouth of that shameless beggar in uniform on duty getting salary paid already for the job he is supposed to perform.

There are many more varieties of these shameless beggars - found everywhere mocking power and responsibility they are given, shamelessly.

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