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Interview with Natasha Ann Wetzel: Author of Otherworldly Prophecies Series

Natasha Ann Wetzel was born in Germany. She started writing poems and novellas at a very young age of 11. Gradually when she thought of writing a novel and started jotting her thoughts down, she found that the stuff was far more than what is required for a novel and hence a series Otherworldly Prophecies took birth. A very unique quality of Natasha is that she released a book every September 11. 

Let us all welcome Natasha Ann Wetzel.
Please share some of the best memories of your childhood-
There are many good as there are bad. I would hate to have to choose. There was a lot about my past that needs to stay there, but my fondest memory, was building sand castles in a giant plastic turtle and catching garden snakes to put inside of it.
About your education
My education was checkered with misunderstandings and lots of trouble. I skipped school a lot and was a big trouble maker. For many different all of which are too much to list here. After a long struggle, I dropped out of high school and not with horrible grades. I then turned to a local community college and got my GED immediately after dropping out of high school. I passed most of my reading tests with a 95 or above. On my reading I got 99.8 I believe it was. However I wasn't doing it for the grades, I was doing so I could say that I did it. I passed.
What career did you plan during your education days?
Writing. Anything writing. Poems, stories, you name it. I wanted to write so bad. Everyone loved everything I wrote. I even was on the newspaper club. (Which is hilarious considering the fact that I was rarely ever there, but I would show up for the club meetings not the educational lectures.)
What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?
Everything from fights, to stupid things that I do in day to day life. The way someone laughs, the way another cries, even a simple song or television show, it triggers something in my brain and wont let go. Its like feeding the constant chatters in my mind, sometimes I wish I had a muzzle for it, others I'm so thankful that I have them.
What hurts you most in this world?
Hate. Any form of it. I'm religious and my God taught me to love all and cherish everything. I try hard to, but seeing the hate that is blind or even with reason... hurts.
What is the biggest challenge you have faced? Were you able to overcome it? How?
Drinking. I found out that I was pregnant and I stopped cold turkey along with smoking. But after I had my first beautiful princess, I fell back into the bottle about a month or so after giving birth. Why? I was in a bad place, and madly in love with someone that wasn't giving back what I was selflessly giving to them. In the end it ripped us apart. So over all, the drinking and leaving him were combined. I actually wrote my first book to help with overcoming my addiction to alcohol. I did the same when leaving my ex. The real way that I overcame them both as easily as I had, that's an easy answer... my children. They were my light in a dark world. Their tiny hands were what lifted me up off the ground, and God gave me the strength to see that I was better than all those bottles. I had to take care of the most important person, ME. Or those that depended on me would be left scared by my inability to rise above everything I was going through. I have been sober for years, and I have been without him for over half a year. I'm blessed in every way.
If you had to live a day of your life as one of the living or dead personality, who would it be and why?
Mother Teresa, I want to know what she felt. I want to feel what lay inside her mind and soul. To give me comfort and peace of mind. I'm not perfect, but I'm trying to be a better person and that's more than what most try to be. I just wonder, did she ever stumble or hurt, lose faith or blow up when she lived her life. Or was caring that much something that just came natural.
What is your favorite genre and why?
Fantasy or Fiction and of course paranormal. I want to read something that is beyond reality, but when I read its an escape. And if I'm looking for that, I want to be taken out of my 'world' and thrust outside my comfort zone. Give me new, give me edgy and for the love of God make it good!
What is the purpose of your writing?
That's simple. I have stories to tell. It's not to perfect what is already there, it's not even to 'up show' others that have come before me or will come after me. It's simply because I have endless chatter in my mind. People wishing to be created. Places begging to be described. Worlds, wars, creatures, societies all screaming to be let loose! Driving the pen in my hand or the curve of my fingers to pound out their tale and to do it in a way that makes me happy and hopefully others, but I write because it's my dream, Not because it's for someone else. By doing this I kill two birds with one stone. I achieve my dreams while proving to my girls that it can be done. That with hard work, you can achieve what you dream in your mind in heart.
Which of your work published so far?
Starving Blades, it's the first in the Otherworldly Prophecies book series.
What are your forthcoming writings?
The Animal Within (Otherworldly Prophecies, book #2) -Release date is September 11th
Blessings of Zinaith (End of Ashbringer) a standalone project, hoping to release in mid to end winter.
My Twisted Bones (Almost Torn Asunder) A standalone novel, hoping for release in spring of next year.
I have written up to book four of the Otherworldly Prophecies series, 'We're All Mad' will come out September of 2014 followed by A Prophecy of Hope in September of 2015
What are your future plans?
To be a mother and an author. I try not to plan too far ahead. I dont know if I will make it past today. What I would like, is to be big! My own movies, or television shows. Making it big and living small. I want to stay in the country and be with my family. At the same time, I would like for my work to hit the masses like a tidal wave. Leaving my mark and happy with it.
What four top most things you take care of while writing a book?
Like plot wise? Because I doubt you mean eating a donut, chugging coffee, cursing at the screen and typing like I'm on crack. I try to get the book out of my mind and not be bored while do it. Nothing really complex about it except for the writing it out part.
Your dream destination on Earth?
I want to go to Stonehenge. I have been to so many places, but I would really love to go there. Before the fear of traveling soaks in and convinces me that not leaving the house is a good idea while I rock myself calmly surrounded by twenty cats.
Your origin of birth and other countries you have visited/ stayed. What best things you liked in these countries around the globe?
Oh my...(anything longer than two months is 'living' there so let the list begin.)
I was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
I have visited England and parts of Germany. I loved the greenery, the way the houses looked, the roads. Their food! There is so much to list. Beyond all that I was there with family and or visiting family, so it was just a wonderful experience visually and physically!
Following lines have been written by Natasha:
Author friends that have low moments, think of this....

For every person that doesn't support you, countless others do!
For every bad review, you have silent devoted fans!
For every person that says you cant do it...
You can, you will and you have. 
You are halfway there, the other half... is just believing in yourself. Because in the end, you are doing this for you! Its your dream, not everyone else's.
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