Sunday, August 18, 2013

Book Review: Love Is Vodka By Amit Shankar: One Is Not Enough To Find True Love Of Life

Love Is Vodka A Shot Ain't Enough by Amit Shankar revolves around a lanky, tall, sexy teenager Moon. Moon is indulged into all kind of digital media and social networks as the most of her age would be. It is about the challenges faced during teenage creating a tussle between mind and heart and making lot of wrong things to happen. Overall Amit Shankar seems to have a full command over writing and understanding the mindset of readers thereby building strong characterization in his novel.

At two instances I found the corners of my eyelids wet because of the emotional touch created in the story and that too so naturally and excellently. At few places it appeared as if it was a part of porno the way love making happens so intensely and deeply. But then it is to be understood that the story is about a teen girl belonging to a high class society and having all kind of liberties in her life to play on. Moon is a single girl child of a single mother who is a big shot in the digital media world having a good hold of top mediapersons, bureaucrats, politicians, administrative agencies and corporate world. Moon's father was a French Diplomat with whom her mother had intimate relationship due to which Moon got birth.

At 19, Moon is quite explorant, arrogant and a revolutionary in her society. She does not mind jumping into the darker side of heart and inviting her mother's boyfriend who is 25 years older than her, to become her boyfriend. She does not mind going unethical with her 2 years old relationship boyfriend whom she doesn't feel matches her whims and fancies. She doesn't mind chatting to different guys at the same time. For the sake of finding true love she also doesn't mind sleeping with her mother's boyfriend and having a live-in with him for a couple of years. And that gave her one of the biggest breaks of her career - a modelling assignment for a world class company.

Ultimately she breaks up with her mother's boyfriend after having a good amount of relationship when she starts missing her periods and fears that she has become pregnant despite all precautions taken. But gradually it was negative as far as pregnancy was concerned. She had developed a hormonal and psychological problem due to which she starts developing hair at unwanted places along with extreme swings of mood at any moment of time. 

Still the search for true love goes on and another search starts in her life - about finding out the real meaning and motive. Overall an interesting read to go for. Love is Vodka, A Shot Ain't Enough is the third novel written by Amit Shankar. Before this book he has written Flight of the Hilsa and Chapter 11 that has created a large fan following already.

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