Sunday, August 25, 2013

Book Review: The Kennedy Half Dollar by Mahree Moyle: A Memoir, Autobiography and More

The Kennedy Half Dollar is more than a lifetime story written by Mahree Moyle. It depicts pain of life, memoir, autobiography, self realization of truth of life, and beyond. Mahree Moyle is a powerful writer, well proven in her debut novel The Kennedy Half Dollar published by iUniverse Inc., Bloomington, United States. Right from the cover to story narration, this book strongly hooks you engrossingly from page one till you reach up to the end of story. While reading this book, you get engaged in the story so as to become a part of it making you feel as if you are witnessing whatever happens in it, right in front of you. That is what happens if the story is written from heart. You not only feel the pain suffered by the main character of this story, but you also witness a heinous crime while travelling through this journey.

The lead character in this novel is Seely who has got some power in her to foresee things that are about to happen in her life and also in the life of people around her. Just after completing her school graduation while living with her parents, at 17, she is told by her father to move to Hawaii to join her sister for a job there and start her career. That's so her journey starts from Los Angeles International airport to land to Aloha Airport in Honolulu. Just before the flight is about to start, a short man rushes in the same flight, hands her over a silver Kennedy Half Dollar sent by her father as a good luck charm.

Seely reaches Hawaii and is welcomed by her sister there. She had to stay with her until she gets settled down there and find out accommodation of her own. Gradually after a couple of small jobs she gets a break in a night club in Waikiki to serve cocktails to customers. This place is full of tourists, and also is a happening place for crime and drug mafia. A couple of years pass during which she starts earning good amount of money and also finds out a small apartment shared with her friends who used to work around the same place. Mark is a smart and handsome assistant manager in her nightclub and of her own age, 19. One night Seely overheard some whispers mentioning Mark in that conversation. Next morning Mark is found brutally murdered and that begins a painful journey ahead for Seely as she had some idea that Mark has been killed by the same four members of Hawaiian Mafia who used to visit her nightclub regularly.

Though Seely had no evidence of this murder and a proof against these mafia men, the culprits on the other hand started believing that Seely is aware of the people who are involved in this murder. That starts a tortuous and dark life for her. Gradually she manages to run away from Hawaii to save her life and the consistent torture she was bearing.

The journey of pain and relief did not end here as Seely was regularly traced by Mafia Men even after she had left Hawaii and moved to various places to earn her living and settle somewhere. The end of the story reveals lot of secrets and surprises for its readers.

Overall The Kennedy Half Dollar is a very interesting crime memoir excellently penned down by Mahree Moyle. 
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