Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Poetry: I Saw I Learnt

When I took birth
I saw, I learnt that longest travel of my life
was already undertaken.
Now onwards
whatever comes in life
will not be as tough as this .
So be positive and assured
 to manage any kind of situation. 

When I started walking
I saw, I Learnt that stumbling is exciting,
falling is not painful
and it is always encouraging to give you
a chance to get up and try again. 

When I started teething
I saw, I Learnt that human body is a perfect factory
that knows what to produce,
at what juncture of time,
with what exact specifications,
with no supervision required.

When I lied for the first time in my life, in my childhood
I Saw, I Learnt that a slap on my face
was good enough
to imprint permanently
for life on my heart -
that you, yourself are the biggest witness of your misdeeds
immaterial of anyone else noticing it or is around.

When I got my first toy stolen
I Saw, I Learnt that life has a fixed space for everyone
on this earth.
To overcome that space getting over choked,
it takes away something
to fill it with something better.

When I went to school for the first day
I Saw, I Learnt that it is immaterial to compare learning with education.
Both are the two corners of see saw.

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