Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Poetry: Border - 2

I fly my kite on the roof
And you on your roof
There is not much distance
Between yours and mine house
But still so much
We cannot walk a few steps to
visit each other's home
One is the issue of border
Through a streak
Between our homes
Makes a huge wall of hatred
though we share the same mud and sand.

Has anyone ever seen thinking
our kites crossing
All borders, hatred and races
Fearless and free from any restrictions
kissing each other in the sky
and not even afraid of bullet from armymen of either side.

If you take that excuse and think that we touched each other
When my kite on your deck in your hands
And your kite in my hands.

The extent to which these winds tend to weaken
These ridges on the border
The races
And to hatred.
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