Wednesday, July 31, 2013

FTIdeaCaravan Video Review: Myshkin Ingawale: ToucHb: An Innovative Way Of Blood Testing Without Pricks Or Bleeding

Myshkin loves to build stuff. With his team at Biosense (Co-founder Sarabhai) Myshkin Ingawale has designed a needle free blood testing mechanism. So basically it is blood testing without pricks or in other sense there is no bleeding. This is a TED video recorded in 2012 February with Myshkin Ingawale is the presenter of his new innovative ideas.. The innovation has become a reality and that too in a big way. 

In current scenario, blood samples are collected in a test tube which then are labelled with the patient's ID, name; and when the whole bunch of samples are collected for the day, all the test tubes containing blood samples of those many persons go the the test lab. There are a number of flaws already in this mechanism. First of all the process is painful when the needle is pricked in your finger to ooze out blood to be collected in a test tube as a sample to go to test lab for examination and identification of any irregularities there in the body. Another big flaw is the manual process of labelling on each test tube which again calls for human error for such a serious matter where a wrong diagnosis of a disease in a person thereby with wrong prescription of medicines can become a killer instead of his savior. Third critical flaw is the environment factor where these samples are not kept in right temperature, light and other essential environmental conditions. This could again cause wrongful results thereby leading to wrong diagnosis of a patient leading danger to his health with wrong prescription of medicines.

The above is more ambiguous in Indian environment especially for remote villages, having extremes of weathers, unhealthy conditions, non cleanliness and unawareness of public about serious diseases caused due to such environment. The prickless, bleeding-less, and painless mechanism makes a great sense with the help of ToucHb which in addition to mitigation of above risks also saves a huge amount of money. The current machines used for testing of blood cost around USD 10,000, and the machine invented by Myshkin Ingawale and his team can be used by nurses and Asha mission staff for testing of blood in case of Anaemia (and other serious and threatening diseases) among population living under poor conditions in rural areas.

Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. 

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