Tuesday, May 14, 2013

WeChat: My Top 10 Dream Connections With Whom I Would Love To Connect Forever

WeChat is a new and innovative way to connect with your friends and relatives irrespective of what mobile they have, running on any platform. Right from  Symbian, Windows, Blackberry, Android, or apple phone to web based chat; you have probably no option left to stay away from your friends. Just download it, install it and then you can try out multiple options - messaging, chat, group chat, video call, voice chat, web based chat and so on - and all free. The clear cut message is that with WeChat you connect with your friends across platforms across countries without bothering about their geographic location.

Well you have got a lifetime chance of connecting to ten people of your choice - alive, dead or even fictional. I started running my grey horses and went back to my early school days. I miss that motherly graceful face of  my vice principal in primary school.  I remember her face when she had come after so many days of leave and in morning assembly an untimely sad news was announced about her husband passing away in a road accident few days back. I could never forget her though it has been years now that I have seen her or talked to her. It would be a great magical moment of my life - talking to her.

Second person to have in my WeChat list would be the great actor of sixth and seventh decade of 1900s, the legendary Dev Anand. I really would love to chat with him regarding his great piece of work in Guide. Next to connect would be my favorite author Maxim Gorky whose excellent piece Mother has always given me a new light. Fourth and fifth in the row would be the legendaries Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar who can alway throw great insights about cricket, anywhere, anytime.

Sixth and seventh would be two great philosophers and writers - Kahlil Gibran and Ayn Rand. I would have loved to discuss with them about their books that I have read innumerous times. Eighth member of my dream collection on WeChat would be the legendary Tennis player Andre Agassi.

Ninth and Tenth - my wife and my daughter...

Long live WeChat...

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