Saturday, April 20, 2013

Soldier For Women: When He Became God For Her: A Real Life Story

He was not there by his own wish. His friends had dragged him there by force. He tried his best to avoid this as this was never in his wish list to visit such a place. But when his friends provoked him to the extent that they started telling him you are a fake friend and can't do anything for friend's sake. "Fine," he thought, "let me accompany them and once they enjoy their evening, we will come back and then I will finish my rest of writing work". He was a writer and bachelor. Writer by his passion and bachelor because he did not have a job or a consistent and stable source of income. Whatever he used to earn from his writings was hardly enough for his basic expenses for the month. "When will I have a job, so that mother (his only living family) would start feeling good about me", he was thinking while walking along with his friends.

They were four in total, including him and all were less than 30 years old. They were walking towards the nearest bar. Though he was a teetotaler, and his friends knew it well, but still he was forced to accompany them. When they entered the bar, it was not too crowded, being a weekday. All four sat around a corner table and his friends ordered for their favorite brand of rum. Bar owner was well known to his friends as they were his regular customers. He was tall, dark and handsome. His built was better than his friends, maybe due to no bad habits, simple living and no outside food. He used to cook on his own in his small room cum kitchen as he could not afford eating outside, even for a single day in a month.

"Hey! who is that young and beautiful girl?" - one of the friend enquired. They called the bar owner and got to know that she was daughter of one of the bar girls whose mother had got hospitalized a few days back and she had come to serve customers in the bar in her mother's place so that she could get some money to make payment in the hospital for her treatment.

The moment he saw her, he got mesmerized by her simplicity and beauty. She was not more than 23. Being youngest among the bar girls, she was being x-rayed and scrutinized by almost every customer in the bar. He didn't like it, but was helpless as he himself was feeling awkward at this place while his friends were cracking jokes, chatting and laughing.

Next day morning he got dressed in best possible manner and reached to the city newspaper office. He knew the editor there as he used to write off and on for the newspaper in a weekly column related to spiritualism and  positive lifestyle and the column was a sort of 'big hit' and popular. He requested the editor if there was any job available in his office that could give him a regular source of income. Luckily for him, the editor was looking for a sub editor for two reasons - one, the paper circulation was increasing exponentially and two, his one of the regular daily columnist had died due to cancer.

The editor offered him job of sub-editor but with a condition that the daily column will have to be written by him, along with sharing 50% of the editor's job, besides regularly writing his weekly column. The salary amount offered was, though not too high, but good enough for his purpose. After getting the appointment letter, he went straight to the same bar where he had gone with his friend last day. He met with the bar owner and enquired about that girl whom he saw there a day before. It was afternoon.

Bar owner told him that girl's mother who used to work in that bar had died in the afternoon and he along with his staff are going to the cremation ground as the lady was quite old employee of his bar and was respected well by all the staff. He also went along with the bar owner.

After five days, he went to the same bar again, talked to bar owner about his clear intentions and they both moved towards that girl's house that was not too far off from the place. The girl was about to leave for her maternal uncle's house in other city as she was left alone after her mother's death. Bar owner, who was a father figure for that girl, took her in another room and told about the purpose for which they had come there.

Next month, that simple and beautifl girl got married to the tall, dark and handsome sub editor of city newspaper in a simple ceremony held in a small temple.

Today after 20 years of their marriage, the boy has become a leading writer, well known for his inspiring books, not only in India, but overseas too. His books are published by one of the leading printers in the country.

Though now not in contact but I still feel good about dragging him to the bar where he went for the first time but luckily found his soulmate there.

And the girl too found her God in him... Today it seems the whole sequence was scripted by some superpower well in advance to happen in reality...I salute that soldier who became God for that girl.

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