Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Poem: I Wish She Had Opted For Her Hair Removal

It was a bright sunny day
after so many damp weeks,
How could I skip a chance
to get dimples on her cheeks,
that comes automatically whenever
she gives a hearty smile,
And I keep trying it getting
every now and then for a while.

So I offered her an outing for the day
I said - "Hey Baby, Let's go for a long drive".
She was neither too eager nor to shy
And I was determined not to give up and strive.
She asked half heartedly - "Where to?"
I said - "Wherever you say my sweetheart" I Love You".
"Let us start now spend the sunny day on the hill,
and the by the fall of evening at an isolated land,
it will be just you and me with only the moon watching us".

She, thinking in her mind, with a dry smile said
"I wish I had done my hair removal before going out,
You have a clean shaven face and I feel totally blown out".
I decided I will not let the idea of outing going fade
and hence gave her a quick clue of Gillette Satin Care...

And then it was a fantastic outing on a sunny bright day
While it was just she and me with only the moon watching us,
in the night...
That was really a sweet memorable flight...
She gave me a hug as much as possible, tight
And her eyes were as much as possible, bright.

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