Sunday, January 20, 2013

Book Review: The 10 Pound Shred By Tommy Europe: A No Nonsense Doable Guide To Stay Fit

The 10-Pound Shred From Flabs to Fit in 4 Weeks is your personal fitness manager to help you shred some extra fats in the body in a most simple and no-nonsense manner. Tommy Europe does not emphasize on any special equipment or investment to achieve your goal. Rather the emphasis is more on what you have to do - regularly, in a disciplined manner and ethically.  You start in a very simple manner during first few days, then moving on to some aggressive stuff and gradually to a tougher level to move from flab to fit the slot.

Following The 10-Pound Shred for 4 weeks and achieving your targets does not merely mean that it is just the end of your road to fitness. You are supposed to carry on with the same stuff that you do during these 4 weeks to sustain what you have achieved. Tommy Europe is all set to get you feel lighter, getting stronger, feeling some higher level of energy, fitting effortlessly into a pair of jeans that you used 5 years back and not can't use just because you have gained some weight and have become flabby. Logically the book helps you achieve a bigger change in lieu of a smaller ask and that too in a quite simple and straightforward manner. This book will not only help you in transforming yourself the way you look to the way you prefer to be looked and also helps you in a bigger transformation in terms of the way you feel and look at life around you.

The book assures you of shredding almost 10 pounds during these 4 weeks/31 days provided you adhere to what it says. It has been written in the most simplistic manner providing clear and complete guidelines in what you are supposed to do each day. The guidelines are well supported by enough number of pictures on each page so as to make you understand everything in a better way. No gym, no investments in fancy equipment, no costly instructors - that is what it saves for you, and in turn gives you achieve your dream. Along with the exercises for each day, it also gives you a meal plan, flexible enough to include your choice of meals in your plan and still not compromising with the nutrition factor.

Tommy Europe is a well-known figure in Americas and Europe. He is one of the top personal trainers in North America. His weekly TV show has crossed a million viewers in Canada. After a successful career as a Football player, Tommy has worked in several stunt roles in TV shows and movies. He has an online community belonging to his fitness freak fans and followers. He is currently running a successful career as personal trainer.
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