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Book Review: The United States Of Air By J M Porup: A Powerful Satire Against Hollow Wars

The United States of Air: a Satire that Mocks the War on TerrorThe United States of Air: a Satire that Mocks the War on Terror by J.M. Porup
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This was a lovely gift from GoodReads through First Reads giveaways – The United States Of Air – a satire by J. M. Porup. Porup is not a new name in literature. He was associated with Lonely Planet earlier and then started writing satire. He was born in America, loves Australia as his first choice, married to a Colombian and his roots belong to Canada. In 1999 he left the Unites States. A number of books to already his credit, this is a lovely, crisp and lively satire that was released in September this year. A rating of 4.2 on Amazon by various reviewers clearly shows the witty and crispy edge this book has over hitting the right target.

The central character of The United States of Air is Food Enforcement Officer named Jason Frolick who trusts his new leader by all means who has made him start believing that fat and food are the basic enemies of human being and survival is very much possible just by drinking, eating and inhaling air. His biggest fights starts with himself for getting rid of the food monkey sitting on his back and demanding food. The newly elected President Jones whom he calls the Prophet, won on the basis of his campaign of fighting nation wide against fat. For this he came up with a new idea of stop eating food totally and starting to survive on air. As per his theory the evils of fat can be fought well by eating only and only air, nothing else.

A Global war on Fat is declared and Agent Jason Frolick sole job becomes putting food terrorists in the Fat Camp so that they are taught how to stop eating food and do away with fat just by eating air. All of a sudden a pizza dealer is stuck and blown and President Jones aka Prophet Jones deputes Jason Frolick as the main investigator. And this is where a new journey of revelations start for Jason while resolving this mystery of whacking of pizza dealer.

By the time Jason got to know the crux of the game behind this War against Fat he loses his best friend Harry in front of him. It was Harry who was in hospital and to whom Jason admitted that food is definitely required for the body and there is something else behind all this game. By the time he could tell him anything further, after finishing his fight against a group of soldiers living on air, he found Harry had already passed away.

Overall it is quite intriguing and introspective kind of satire that points fingers in many directions. Definitely it is a special treat and not meant for everyone, but all who love to read satire must put their hands on this book for sure. I would rate it at a little over 3 out of 5 for the reason that it could have been made more crispier and spicier by putting more juice into it and rightful distribution of spices on various slices.
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