Thursday, December 06, 2012

Book Review: Shark & The Wolf By Daniel Shields: A Sheer Engrosser

Man seems to be most dangerous animal among all living beings on this earth. Among animals - none attack without any reason. Man is bound to attack without a reason - for his own ego satisfaction or for some other stupid reasons. Shark & The Wolf  - Predators and Prey By Daniel D. Shield is an excellent, engrossing, flawless and purely a no-nonsense read.  It will create various moods in you while reading - excite, sadden, thrill, make angry, go daydreaming and more.

Shark & The Wolf is a uniquely written novel. Unique in the sense that the characters of this engrossing book is are human and animals talking to each other. Secret of writing so perfectly and beautifully on Pool, Places, Animals etc. got disclosed after I completed this book and reached to the last page titled as "About the Author". Degrees in Communication and Theater created a mastery in Daniel empowering him to convey this story in an excellent thrilling manner. And on top of it his passion for Pool and animals brought in more expertise and magical flow in the story. Minor proof reading errors in a place or two does not mar the charm of story. This book changed my concept of looking at people in a different manner. It seems, like the characterization done by Daniel D. Shield in Shark & The Wolf, in real life also we can correlate each human being with an animal looking at the characteristics and lifestyle. Second main change that happened is that now after reading this book, predators and carnivores do not appear as harmful as a human being.

Shark, Wolf, Dog, Elephant, Zebra, Hyena, Dolphin and all other animals have advanced biologically and are in the shape of human beings. They talk to each other in common language along with the human beings.  This book talks about love, lust, greed, hatred, sacrifice and friendship. The book takes you to many places starting from Gulf of Mexico to Fiji to North America and finally to Las Vegas. Never dying love between Shark and Vixen, wickedness of Shaw and Hyena, Friendship of Shark and Dog Z Boy and later Shark and Wolf were purely dedicated and selfless.

Gill's Tiki Wiki Resort in Gulf of Mexico became a second home for Great White Shark for three reasons - old man Gill - the owner of Tiki Wiki Resort, treated him like his own son. Second reason was the game of pool that he liked playing here at this place and ultimately becoming an unbeatable shark of the pool game. Third and foremost reason - Vixen - the beautiful daughter of Gill. Shark and Vixen fell for each other right from their first meeting. Vixen's adventurous nature took Shark, his best friend Dog Z Boy and his love Vixen herself in great trouble. They became a victim of a crooked plan between Old Jack Hyena and a multimillionaire showman Shaw who decided to kill Shark.

But finally it is the goodness, love, friendship and faith wins over crookedness, wickedness and inhumane. A must read for all who love adventure, thrill and drama. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 without any doubt. 
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