Sunday, November 04, 2012

Your Internet Accounts Stay Alive Even After Your Death

What happens to your belongings after you die is a separate story. Let us see what happens to your various major Internet site accounts once you move away from Earth. Various sites administrations have different strategies to handle it. Have you ever found a account handling question at the time of creating a new account on a Web Mail server like Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, AOL? Or for that sake what will happen to your account on MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, or other social network?
This is quite interesting to know that all these sites have different policies in place to manage an account after you pass away. Some accounts automatically get disowned whereas others are passed on to the next of the kin of the family to access or manage it. And some sites allow the next of the kin to close the account.
Imagine your personal account is accessed after you expire by your beloved wife or your kids to find out certain secrets through your mails or web activities that they were never aware of when you were alive.

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