Monday, November 12, 2012

The Stopover: A New Meaning To Life

The Stopover: A New Meaning To Life

When the glass was clean and
Everything was clear at the
Other End, Somehow,
I knew the meaning of
But of Life...

You left me all of a
Sudden with a wide gap
Between You and Me, and
Least hope of getting it filled...
I lost all hope in
You, Myself and God...

This is when I landed on this
Land of Prayers, Monks, and Mountains
All standing tall,
Unshattered, Undisturbed
Strengthening each day with
Hope of Life and Ailments to Heart!

This might give you a jolt,
when you find me some day,
smiling  and living;
As I was not this, when
You had left me...
I was totally the reverse...

Somehow... This Place... This Land... has a
different level of Strength...

This post is part of the contest Tibet: Roof of the world. Its people : Roofless .. on inspired by the Photo Fiction book The Stopover
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