Saturday, November 03, 2012

Interview: Sarah-Jayne Gratton, Correspondent, Producer, Writer, and "Badass Woman of Twitter"

Sarah-Jayne Gratton has lot of feathers in her cap. An exemplar of the modern era’s versatile and intelligent woman, she is the European Correspondent for a new TV show starting in summer 2011 called You Are the Supermodel. She is producer of another TV show to start later in 2011 calledSocial Media Superstar. Her new book, to be published by Pearson in autumn 2011, is called Zero to 100,000. She is a globally admired social media person, regarded as a "key influencer" by a huge number of followers. She was recently listed as one of the top "Badass Women of Twitter" (Bit Rebels). She is none other than Sarah-Jayne Gratton, a former president of the Women in Business Society for the UK and Europe. She is from Cambridge, England but travels extensively for her work.
Hello, Sarah, I am really delighted to have you on board. A very warm welcome from Blogcritics. Let us have a few words about the beginning of your career.
My career started very early on when I realized, at the age of just six, that performing was well and truly in my blood.  I was on holiday with my parents and something inside me prompted me to stand up and sing along with the cabaret act that was performing on stage – no nerves whatsoever!  The band ushered me onto the stage with them and handed me a microphone.  That was where it all began!
You have written numerous critically acclaimed theatre plays. Let us have a brief description about some of them from you.
Different Corners was my first one-act play, a black comedy about a couple going through a divorce who are forced to live together again. It was a cathartic play to write as, at the time, I was going through a very painful divorce. After seeing it produced and being enthused by the critical acclaim it received, I went on to writeWomb with a View (another black comedy) and Stuck in the Seventies which was inspired by many of the great comedy sketches from my childhood.
You have also been featured in many well-known plays. Could you please tell us about some prominent roles you have played?
Most memorable were my musical theatre roles, in particular: Sandy in Grease at the Princess Theatre in London, Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, and Cinderella at Caesar's Palace.
Sarah, you have been featured on a BBC documentary called Future Stars. When was it? And please share some details about it.
Future Stars was shot way back in the 1980s. It was hugely exciting to be involved in it as it was one of the forerunners of X-Factor and Britain's Got Talent. I remember waiting in the green room to be called on to perform and feeling totally exhilarated. It was a great experience and one that I'll never forget.
What is very important for you in life?
To use my talents in a way that adds value to others and to find projects that continually challenge and motivate me.
What are your hobbies/ interests?
Social media is a huge part of my life and my interest extends to finding new ways to incorporate it into my promotions and personal branding. I also enjoy a good book and a great glass of red wine!
What are your major achievements in life?
Giving birth to my daughter Charlotte, becoming president of the Women in Business Society, seeing my first play produced – all huge moments for me!
What is your message for your readers, admirers, and fans worldwide?
Go for your dreams and don't ever let a "no" deter you from whatever goals you have set yourself. I'm fortunate to have so much positive energy around me from my fans and followers and am eternally humbled and grateful for the love and support continually shown to me.
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