Sunday, November 04, 2012

'Iceman of Ladakh' Helps Mankind In Fight Against Glacial Melting

His name is Chewang Norphel, and he is 76 years old, but the increasing age has increased the fire in his belly to fight against global warming.
Chewang is a retired engineer in India. His native country is one of rivers with irrigation as the largest source of occupation and earning. The Himalayan nations of India, Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, and China have many rivers in common that originate from Himalaya. Most of the people are dependant on these rivers for drinking water and irrigation purposes. Due to meltdown of glaciers or icecaps the rivers at odd times flood with water thereby destroying homes and farms of poor people living around and go dry in summers at the time of need of water for irrigation.
Chewang applied his mind and built a technology to divert melt water of glaciers through pipes to store in artificial lakes. In winters when the melt is low, this water is stored in these lakes followed by a dam. In nights at low temperatures in winters these dams stop the excessive water flowing down hence stopping destruction through floods and freezing the water which stays in frozen form in daytime also. In summers when the excessive water melts, and at the same time the water is needed in plains for irrigation purposes, these dams are opened to flow down the water but in a very structured manner.
Chewang is going great guns in creating glaciers (by now he has already created 12) and is all set to create five more. The only fear is that he is already 76 and may not be able to cope up for many more years against his age. That is why he is creating CDs for training purposes so that more Icemen can be created by passing the knowledge.

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