Saturday, November 03, 2012

Curious About Curiosity? Really?

jenriks.deMan is curious by nature. With lack of curiosity there would have been no invention, discovery, innovation, or exploration.
Experimentation takes place because of curiosity and we get brilliant results out of it. That does not mean that all curiosity is good or produces positive results. But the power of curiosity if harnessed properly can do wonders.
A child is born with curiosity. All things that happen in life are part of curiosity. A writer tries a new style of writing out of curiosity to see if it will increase readership and the number of fans. A scientist keeps doing an experiment for years to find out what result can come out of it.
selfinspiration.wordpress.comExcellence and curiosity, in my opinion, go hand in hand. People who are more curious achieve new heights in life.
Man is blessed with an ability to reason about why and how curiosity forms the very basis of the power of reasoning. If a child was not interested in something and didn't show curiosity towards something, everyone would wonder if the child lacked some important capacity. Often, children show curiosity in one area and no curiosity at all in other areas. This is basically what ignites the desire to do something or not do something. The extreme of this kind of a desire proves the long-established proverb, “curiosity killed the cat.”
Extremism in any side of a personality or life is dangerous and is almost always counter-productive. Absence of curiosity also proves fatal. If a person were not curious about what might be useful to her or him, that person lives in ignorance, unaware of what is really going on.
Striking a balance between the extremes is beneficial. Though the advantages of curiosity are many, nature has drawn boundaries of dos and don’ts which are essential, especially for small children. Being adventurous shows courage and lead to learning; imprudence or lack of wisdom creates bad situations. It is important to teach children what is relevant, what is correct, why the extremes can be wrong, and how to go about getting the right information.
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