Saturday, November 17, 2012

Book Review: The Seventh Day by Michael Alexander: Seventh Day Comes In Every Life Sooner Or Later

This is a grasper, a hooker; that keeps you connected with the main characters of 'The Seventh Day' throughout. I would say it is an intense and a sincere attempt by Michael Alexander to project a never ending fight between evil and good, Satan and God, human and inhuman. A series of symmetric suicides in the city shook the whole police department and the case is given to one of the senior expert detective Nick McCallister. This novel is a good mix of suspense, high intense drama, philosophy, history and drama.

Nick analyzes the suicides happening in the city and finds out a unique pattern that shakes him deeply to explore the reason behind this and also to understand that whatever is happening is not merely suicides, there is something beyond this that is driving the whole game. Three suicides happening in South, then the same volume in West, after which same pattern in east makes him sure that the next would be north of the city. And the worst part is among all these suicides, one is of his own young son, Justin, that has shaken his family life so badly that he and his wife, Jade, are left isolated and alone after the demise of their only son whom they both loved like anything.

This is where Nick - an extreme good character, meets Nathan - an extreme bad character. Nathan is none other than the personal assistant of Satan and he narrates himself as the planet Mars. Nathan discloses to Nick the real cause of suicides happening in the city. Anyone if gets murdered or suicides meaning not passing a normal death - does not go to heaven (or to God) and become a part of heaven - that is the army of Satan fighting directly with God since ages. Nathan is the one who is main commander of Satan deputed on earth to increase the count of army of Satan and that is why he is driving people psychologically towards suicide.

During long discussions between good (Nick) and bad (Nathan) in 'The Seventh Day' by Michael Alexander, Nathan takes Nick back to Jesus Christ and shows him a different character in Jesus who is having his own army to fight against Satan. How in the beginning both Satan and God were happily surviving in the universe, how God sent Jesus Christ on earth to grab all people under Christianity and force Satan's men to move away from Earth. How Jesus played a trick of scattering his followers all across the globe and thus make it difficult for Satan's men to survive. How Jesus got killed and then Nathan takes Nick to Rome where again there was a long fight between good and evil for many years.

Bible says God created everything in seven days. Nathan took the same piece from Bible and excruciatingly tells him that after seventh day God never bothered to look back at what he created and left everyone on its own for their sufferings and pains. God slept thereafter post Seventh Day.

Overall an interesting read that keeps you intact and grasped throughout. I would rate it at 4.24 on a scale of 5.

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