Saturday, November 24, 2012

Book Review: Health And Safety By Nick James

Nick James is known for short crisp and interesting books. This is his latest release titled as Health And Safety rightly saying - 'It starts with one little pill...'. Les is the central character of this 44 pages book available on Amazon for $2.99 in its digital version.

Health And Safety is a satirical short story on stressful life of a common man that passes through normal daily routine. Les (Lester Baker) is a normal office goer in a publishing company of repute assigned tasks for writing movie reviews. He is shown as suffering from anxiety and that becomes his weak point in getting targeted for trial of a new medicines launched for doing away with stress in life. In a sarcastic and satirical manner James displays how small instances in life can become a spoil.

 The whole society, doctor community, office mates and even family members misunderstand him and his innocence. Overall this is a lovely and crisp read. The situation becomes so worse finally that Les surrenders losing all his hopes. Les is living in a society where filing lawsuits is a normal day to day activity. A funny situation is where he is walking down the road and a man stops him and hands over a notice for looking at a shopkeeper while crossing his shop, a while ago, in such a manner, that the shopkeeper has found it too insulting. Finally a stage comes when Les comes to know on his own that whatever pains he is passing through is all due to various components of this society intentionally causing it for him.
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