Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: FISHEYE A Memoir By Trish Thorpe

This book Fisheye A Memoir by Trish Thorpe is not enough to be read just once. Some books are not. They invite you to be read again assuring a different meaning every time you read it. This is also true with some people. They give you an amazing feeling every time you meet. The same is perhaps true with this book. Trish Thorpe is the writer and central character of this memoir. Some books can easily become contestant for a movie. This is one of those.

Tricia is tom boyish right since her childhood. She has an elder brother, Spencer and a younger sister Grace. Her father is one of the renowned personality in Hollywood working as assistant director. Her mother is an aspirant actress but could not get anything more than few side roles in certain movies. The best thing her mother could achieve in life is marrying Mr. Thorpe who is well established and earning good amount of money and reputation. Tricia is liked a lot by her father as compared to her siblings. She is most active among the three kids in the house and a very good swimmer too. She is called as 'FishEye' by her father. Money has never been a matter of concern in the family due to the number of assignments Mr. Thorpe keep getting.

Being a rich family, living in a locality where most of the Hollywood personalities live, Mrs. Thorpe has enough time for partying, clubbing, playing, spending money, drinking and gossiping etc. Both parents have engraved high impact on Tricia's life as we move along the memoir. Tricia is good both in studies and sports. She somehow has a negative impact out of her father's rude, insulting and neglecting behavior that drifts her towards drugs. Tricia goes through lot of pains throughout her life - due to drugs, because of her father and quite a few other reasons.

Worded in a beautiful manner, this book has all kind of rhythm, continuity, flow, connection and aptness in all aspects to grab your interest all through. Each word seems to be spelled out of heart...

I would give it a rating of 5 out of 5.

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