Saturday, November 10, 2012

Book Review: Bankster By Ravi Subramanian: An Excellently Woven Murder Mystery

This is not the first book from Ravi Subramanian. He already has four hits in his pocket. This is his fifth in a row that is going to add in the same series of his hits. It was quite exhaustive and beautifully driven concept. A depth in the subject and clarity of mind is quite visible. Author has been a core banker and hence knows ins and outs of the processes and flaws of banking system that he has tried to explore and expose in this book titled as BANKSTER.

Anyhow I have decided to read all his previous and forthcoming books without fail. Thanks to Blogadda for providing this opportunity. Perhaps the author has portrayed himself in the character of Karan Panjabi who resolves an international mystery of serial killings within 48 hours after he gets into it. The sequence is woven to perfectly that no thread is seen disconnected. The mix of plot is done fantastically that you keep roaming in Angola, Vienna, Mumbai and Devikulam meeting various characters but stay connected with the crux and finally are able to interconnect the deep roots of all characters met in various locations over the globe.

The story is about an MNC bank that has cream of employees, and pays highest of the salaries to grab best in the market. And that is what makes it one of the most successful banks in India. Having its India operations headquarters in Mumbai, the Greater Boston Global Bank (GB2) is operative in all major and even remotest of cities of India. Claiming to be having one of the best HR, operations, sales, finance and investigations department; it had all kind of wrong and right; bad and good elements in its staff right up to the top level and it was quite difficult to find out the real culprits right till the end when the person who was being targeted to be the culprit is found not guilty to that extent that he could be the reason of series of murders of GB2 staff happening from time to time.

Let us start with the character that joined readers when more than half of the book was over but who became center of attraction gradually. This guy is Karan Panjabi who is a banker turned press reporter for Times of India who finally (at the end, after resolving the whole mystery) joins the same bank that he has left due to an internal rift and joins back after resolving the mystery of serial murders of its key employees, as chief of operations. To some this character might not appeal rightly presented by the author, the way Panjabi joins us without much hype, and silently moves towards his target of pinning down the murderer within a stipulated period of a little over two days. We have some of the excellently carved characters who fit into their role quite well – whether right or wrong as ultimately the character is one who is able to play its role perfectly.

This novel is all fit to be converted into a Bollywood movie as it has all kind of masala in it – thrill, mystery, murders, overseas locations – Angola, middle east, Germany, US & Austria, Mumbai and then Devikulam in interiors of Kerala. As the mystery starts getting resolved, it appears that what was appearing merely as the serial murders of bank staff was having an international connection behind it – the real cause being the blood diamonds, armory and money with a global mafia which still stays unexposed. You will really like all characters, playing good or bad role – who have been scripted excellently by Ravi Subramanian in his latest globally acclaimed serial murder mystery and thriller – BANKSTER. The characters – Vikram Bahl, Indrani, Tanuja & Abhishek Mathur/ Joseph Braganza/ Mir Zawawi/ Suresh Ramamurthy, Raymond Sadanah, Krishna Menon & Sulochana, Jayakumar, Johann Schroeder in Vienna, poor couple Harshita and Siddhartha, poor guy - cashier Pranesh and many more…

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