Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Oracle Not Able To Suffice Cloud Requirements Of Citigroup

Citigroup IT Chief: Oracle Cloud Can’t Satisfy Our NeedsRangesh Jagannathan, is the Technology chief of Citigroup. As per his latest statement, Oracle Cloud services are not up to the mark to cater to the needs of financial services based industry. Oracle chief, last week only had acclaimed, or rather self acclaimed about the latest cloud services of Oracle being offered worldwide. He had assured that Oracle is now able to cater to the cloud needs of any industry, end to end.

All said and done, the other side is not as green as Oracle tried to show last week in San Francisco. Citigroup's Jagannathan, being the end user, is not too happy about the large claims being made by Oracle.

Computerworld India News | Citigroup IT Chief: Oracle Cloud Can’t Satisfy Our Needs |

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