Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Felix Baumgartner All Set To Skydive And Travel With Speed Higher Than The Speed Of Sound

Superman Felix Baumgartner, the lead pilot of Red Bull Stratos team, is all set to set a new record today in the world of skydiving. The target is to achieve an extraordinary speed while skydiving and overshoot the speed of sound. The mission is to skydive from a height of 23 miles, or a little over 37 kilometers from the Earth. Similar attempts and achievements have earlier also been attained by Felix Baumgartner of Red Bull Stratos but from lesser distance than 23 miles.

This will be an extremely brave attempt being made today to set a new world record that would take years to break. All the Best Felix Baumgartner for setting a marvelous record today. The height of 23 miles shall be attained with the help of a powerful Helium balloon and once this height is attained, Felix would be skydiving from that spot and travelling with a speed higher than the sound.

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