Friday, September 28, 2012

Poem: I Wish Someone Had Never Told Me…

I wish someone told me
Why I used to wonder on 
All the things, Almost
When I was a child

If I go back to my childhood,
without any change...
I wish someone told me

What makes Stars Twinkle
What makes mothers eyes more twinkling

What is the reason behind the rain
Why Mother eyes shed more tears than the rain

What makes Sun so hot
Why Mothers warmth stays with even when she is not around

What makes a change in season
What makes Mother same in all the seasons

What makes waves in the sea
How Mother makes me fearless in any kind of tides

I Wish Someone Told me 
Where is She now

I Wish Someone Had Never Told Me
That She Will Not Be Around Forever
From Now On...

I Wish I had told someone
I still find her with me all the time...

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