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Book Review: Fractured Legend by Kranthi Askani: Three Tales Fantastically Driven

Fractured Legend by Kranthi Askani - book review

Fractured Legend by Kranthi Askani is about three fantastic tales

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Book Review: Fractured Legend: Three Tales Fantastically Driven

While reading this book you get a feeling of its writer being some English Scholar, Highly literary in English and someone who has a great command over the vocabulary. I thought the writer of this fantastic book would be very matured and of middle age with a lot of experience in literature. Some of the above things are correct - that the writer has great command over English and has an excellent skill over writing. There are three books in this book titled as "Fractured Legends". In fact, there are three different stories but all centered on women character. All three stories have their main character as a woman and the whole story in each of the book, revolves around that single female character created by the writer. The writer seems to have an excellent experience and imagination to build such fantastic creations that are powerful enough to mesmerize the readers. The first story has its main character as Priyambada. The second story has its main character as Nandini and the third story has its character as Pravalli. Pravalli is in fact none other than the daughter of the main character of the first story.

Kranthi Askani knows how to drive the psychological flow of his readers and what would they be expecting while reading this book. At nowhere you feel like not reading this book further. The curiosity arises right from the first page, the moment you start reading. Book 1 is titled as "Slave" and has been rightly named as this. You would realize the real fact behind this nomenclature by the time you are finishing book 1 of "Fracture Legend". Its main character Priyambada is a temple slave carved on the side wall. One fine day she decides to leave the temple to get into real flesh, do all activities of a female in real life and then die instead of staying immortal in the temple forever.

Priyambada has a friend named Aardya who thinks opposite to her. On one hand where Priyambada decides to leave the temple and go into the real world to experience its pros and cons, Aardya could not dare to decide on same lines. Priyambada, who was a slave in the temple, was quite dear to her queen and hence while leaving the temple, is gifted a ring by her queen that is not a normal ring. This ring helped Priyambada in getting acquainted and accommodated in the strange real world. She gets a family comprising of father, brother, sister in law and gradually gets married to a man. The only difference between when she was a slave in the temple and when she decided to get into flesh and enjoy real world is that her age starts ticking whereas Aardya remained at the same age till she was there in the temple.

Later Aardya also comes out of the temple and meets Priyambada. There is a lot more to read and enjoy this entirely different kind of story (or rather 3 different stories). The second book is titled as "Manuscript" and it will make you realize once you read it, how intelligently the name has been chosen and is fitting better than any other title could have.

The third book is titled as "A Very Long Letter". The way you get engrossed in it while reading, you never realize it being a long letter for that sake. All the three stories are worth reading and enjoying. If you love reading fiction - it is a must read. If you don't read fiction - give it a try.

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