Thursday, October 06, 2011

Academia-Research is a Writer’s Paradise on Internet

The home page says a lot about any business portal. It is the opening dialogue for any business to the external world. What it says and how it is presented matters a lot. A recent visit to Academia-Research website changed my concepts about a custom writing website by 180 degrees. I have not seen any better website than this so far in this category of business.

The home page of Academia-Research is quite heavy in terms of contents, and it may sound negative. But that is not the case here as the way contents have been categorized with appropriate design of each section, takes it to another level of perfection. Almost everything is there on the home page, what some other websites are not able to show properly on their all pages together. A fantastic aggregation of aesthetics, design, professionalism and business approach is very much visible there.

Academia-Research is among the top notch global companies in terms of freelance writing services which took birth in the year 2006. Within few years it has emerged as the hub for high level writing professionals who are quite expert in research work. A great scope is there for any professional writer to join and feel pride about it but their selection process is quite stringent thereby not easy for anyone to easily qualify.

Since Academia-Research is a unique collaboration of around 30 different websites engaged in writing services, it is always full of jobs. A write has a flexibility to choose a job of his/ her own choice but once chosen its timeline and quality level needs to be adhered to by cent percent. Against a high level delivery from writer’s end, a matching compensation is assured by Academia-Research which is quite substantial. It is quite simple to apply for the post of a writer by filling out your basic information.

The customers on Academia-Research are well supported by its 24 x 7 service teams. Any sort of development required by a customer in terms of essays, theses, dissertations or term papers is well entertained here but the work has to be minimum high school standard. High weightage is given to Doctoral level work.

A good organization is always measured by its satisfied customers and employees. The same concept applies here. The exponential increase in customers every year is a proof of this. Well appreciating testimonials from the writers working for Academia-Research are full of praises for the support and learning they get here. Overall it is a good building block in the career of any professional writer.

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