Thursday, June 09, 2011

What was the last book you read?

What would you reply if someone asks you What was the last book you read?

What was the last book you read? Isn't this an interesting question to ask?

Someone asked on a social platform - "What was the last book you read?", and I replied - "I love reading but not books". If the same question comes to you - What was the last book you read, probably there would be an altogether different answer from your end. My reply to that question went like this - "I don't read paper books or e-books, I prefer to read e-books, each human being is a book in himself/ herself!".

Well, jokes aside, I am an avid reader. In fact, when I finish a book, I like to share my views on the same with the digital world (and otherwise too!) so as to share what I felt and also to get a feedback if the other person has also read the same book. It helps in ascertaining whether you are aligned well or not. At times, you get a different perspective of the book from the other person that might change your perspective for the same in entirety. Usually, I stick to my views about a book but seldom it happened that when I discussed the book with someone else who had read it, it changed my perception and views about the book. It all depends on the discussion and its gravity towards seriousness.

It is always good to share your views this way. If someone asks me What was the last book you read? I would definitely name the book I recently finished and would ask if he (or she) also has read the same book so as to discuss it. The more you discuss with others about the books you read, the more it helps you in widening your horizon. It is always good to have a habit to grab a book as and when you get a chance and read it at your own pace.

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