Friday, May 20, 2011

Sexy Figure Enchanting Beauty And Everlasting Real Beauty

I know I really meant it when I said that to her.  "You are a very beautiful person"…………….She is beautiful, yes, not only in my eyes, but even to those who see her as she is……………… to those who have interacted with her.  

As every normal person, I too looked at the beauty pageants, the posters of well decked women and saw how beauty could woo a human being. 

Years went by and I began to see things differently.  My views changed, I had different perspective in life and many things were just mundane to me.  Why does everyone expect a woman or a man to be beautiful or good looking?  This question persistently crossed my mind when I spoke to others and listened to views other than mine. 

One day, I happened to meet a woman who was busy helping a blind man cross the road.  I was impressed.  Then after a few months saw her in a shop, thought to myself, “oh just like every other woman.”  To my surprise she was buying so many sarees and I wondered what she would do with so many.  I felt she would not be using so many sarees because she didn’t seem to be a person who would use so many sarees.  Funny! I thought to myself.  I went my way and days went by. 

 Once my friend and I happened to meet a person who was in dire need to be admitted into a destitute women’s home.  We searched through the net and finally reached Vishranti, the destitute women’s home.  We were speaking to the Manager there and well she accepted to take her in.  The Manager called aloud for Radhika and from the door there she was here again!  She smiled at us and gently took the lady inside.  The Manager introduced her as a volunteer in the home. I was really impressed, a lady so young, serving the society with happiness and joy.  I told the Manager of that home, it is really great to see a woman so joyfully and happily serving the needy and the weak.  Yes, the Manager said, you need that kind of an inspiration in you. 

The lady’s smile and the Manager’s remark answered my question.  A heart that serves the needy and the weak with joy pours out the beauty of the heart, greets them with a smile reaches millions and touches the hearts of millions of people.  Yes she is beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the world!  She is a woman with a real beauty that will stay even when she is not there in this world. The beauty that will stay young beyond age, regardless of age… The beauty that has ever lasting figure than all good figured bodies, that face will remain beautiful ever ever ever.

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