Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Crusade Against Chlorine

Be it a statement or fact, solution of the problem and/or “Crusade against Chlorine” – of what so ever magnitude, I don’t think will be viable or cut much ice. In view of ignorance about the question at stake of a vast section of the masses of our country and callous concern of our government it becomes impossible as to what could be potable water.

          Very few of the elite section also must not be knowing which of the purifiers do not use chlorine less to speak of common men. We do not either know bottled water flooding the market in our country are free from chlorine free drinkable. Middle class and section below that just cannot go for boring to get water from below the ground, they just can’t afford that. The problem becomes all the more alarming because our government which is supposed to care for the health of our country and also know about this aspect of the question at stake has not only pitiably failed in dealing with it so far but there doesn’t seem any intention on their part to control and take necessary measures either.

          Not, we the people, but the government is empowered with the law of the land to check ever growing marketing of bottled water produce by such producers who use chlorine and take punitive measures to punish those who play with our lives.

          Under the circumstances we are left with no alternative but to live with water drawn from wells in our rural areas and in urban, water supplied by government machineries like corporations and municipalities, irrespective of worrying about this problem, drink the poison from purifiers.

          Hope the government gets concerned about the health and hygiene of the whole mass and not only the richer section whose pockets will allow them to go for safer alternatives. Let us collectively try to reach the ears of our government and wake them up from their sweet slumber through our “Crusade against Chlorine” and save lives.
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