Thursday, September 30, 2010

Significance Of Equality

Equality in society has been given a lot of importance in bringing about overall progress of society. There have been several leaders in society who have impressed upon generations and generations and have reiterated the significance of progress in all sections of society. This progress reflects on the progress of any nation.

Equality in society is as important as probity in public life and it must be a part of our thought process in life. Equality must not be restricted to just equal opportunities for all or equal status to everyone at specific places or just maintaining equality in race and color. Every person in society is aware of the positive and the negative implications of enforcing equality in various sections. In some nations we have seen it as a political will to achieve political targets of various political sections or an agenda. One must really understand that the significance of equality has gone far beyond all this in today’s world.

Heads of State, Institutions, Organizations and important members in society must stop enforcing the subject of equality, rather must put in efforts to prove it that equality is an essential aspect of one’s character and personality. What is the point of enforcing equality amongst people when they lack the feeling of oneness and unison? Despite the constitutional provisions and laws being enforced all over the world, we still discreetly carry the feeling of being superior or being better placed in society. Does it really solve the purpose of our objective? We still do not see that kind of progress envisioned by our great leaders of every section in our society. The question is where are we?

We still remain slaves to laws and constitutional provisions in life. Our mindset is still the same. So how do we change? People in society need to show up as examples in society and build a leader in his neighbor. Every one essentially needs to see a leader in society who sets his life to live as an example in society. How many of us want to do it. Well the question must exactly be when do we begin and how do we begin. There are limitations to this also but then somewhere we must emphasize that idealism in life brings in purpose, perspective and realism in our society.

Why do we shun such deeply thought out opinion and individualistic contributions as mere idealistic impressions in people? It is just that we are not used to accepting morals and ethics as a part of the growth of our inner personality. We must accept and see changes in ourselves. We cannot see much progress when we just follow constitutional provisions and laws enforced in society. Today we need to see it differently. We need to see equality in all sections and spheres of life as a personal evolvement.

It is not possible to bring in this kind of a change in people with just laws and legal provisions. At this juncture most of us develop personality clashes and egoistic differences because when it comes to the question of implementing equality in society, one has to sacrifice and see it differently. Those who sacrifice has their place in society is what the one who gains needs to understand. So it is an onus on one and all. Equality does not mean giving a person way to run up the ladder or some special position in life. It means that his progress too is important and very necessary for the growth of society and nation in entirety. He must make his life better and set an example amongst his colleagues by giving others who deserve the way to success at another juncture. The one who sacrifices too must not live a life of complaining and blaming. It must be realized as mutual growth.
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