Thursday, August 05, 2010

Where Are You Keisha?

Last Sunday may have been a relaxing weekend time for most families, but that was not the case for the family of 6-year-old girl Kiesha Abrahams from western Sydney.

Kiesha has been missing from her home since Sunday morning, and her family is totally blank about her whereabouts till now.

Keisha’s mother, who last saw her on Saturday night, is not clear whether Keisha has left home on her own or has been kidnapped, as there are no signs of any doubtful entry in the home. More doubts arise with the statements from the relatives and friends of Keisha, who said they didn’t see Keisha for almost 3 weeks, in school or elsewhere.

Keisha is believed to be a happy and normal child with no history of wandering out of home alone in the past. She was at home for the last week or so, absent from her school, as her mother had given birth to a newborn child. Though nobody is suspected so far, due to a lack of evidence, some may have doubts about Keisha’s biological father, who stays separate. Keisha’s mother married another man after Keisha was born.

Police detectives are trying to ascertain her whereabouts, but all efforts have been in vain so far. The blonde haired, blue-eyed Keisha is being missed badly by her mother, stepfather, relatives and friends.

It definitely has impacted her mother very badly who, I believe, must be praying all the time, to get her daughter back soon, in hail and hearty condition. Who knows where little Keisha is? The first couple of days' investigations and interrogations have not let police reach any conclusions.

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