Monday, August 02, 2010

Are You Ready for This New "Ocean" on Earth?

This is not a natural Ocean. This is being built manually by Google and the purpose is to inform and update every one on this earth about the impact of global warming on underwater world by noticing minutely the change in depth of the oceans, tracking whales and noticing the changes in their behavior, melting ice caps, decreasing glaciers etc. The global warming in any case is effecting and going to effect in a larger scale directly or indirectly to all of us. If we don’t wake up today, tomorrow could be too late for all of us to act.

The project to build Google Ocean is being driven by Google’s CTA (chief technology advocate), Michael Jones. The purpose is to bring everyone universally on same platform by sharing any information regarding the subject.

The major point of concern right now is too less involvement of government, researchers, scientists, divers etc. worldwide.

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