Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Indians to Reign Top Ranking U.S. Business Schools

Power is sweet but comes with lot of responsibilities and accountability. This is about two Indian business experts appointed as heads of two prestigious business schools in U.S, is a proud factor for all Indians. Both these business schools are among top 10 U.S. business schools.

University of Chicago has appointed Sunil Kumar as the Dean of Chicago Booth School of Business. Sunil, who will resume his chair in January 2011, is Masters in Computer Science from one of the most premium institute in India. After doing his Masters Degree from IIS (Indian Institute of Science), Sunil did his doctorate degree from University of Illinois. Born and brought up in India, Sunil never looked back after his doctorate degree to his journey of achieving new heights and brining proud for India. Sunil has been acclaimed for his high level of decision making skills by John Huizinga, chairman of the dean search committee of U.S. business schools.

Before the release of this story about Sunil, another Indian, Nitin Nohria, achieved another feather in his cap when he took charge of the Holy Grail of business schools for Indians, as its new Dean in July 2010. Nitin has established himself as an expert in leadership and ethics. Nitin graduated from another prestigious technical institute, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai) in India.

That way if we see, Indians are considered to be very intelligent, down to earth and quite talented. India is marking its impression on global front in a big way these days in education field. Few days back a $35 laptop was unveiled in India for students, which is World’s cheapest laptop prototype so far. And now the Indians are grabbing the top level positions in prestigious business schools.
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