Monday, February 01, 2010

The lousy Aircel Commitment and lousiest Aircel website

I have recently started my relationship with Aircel by purchasing a corporate account thinking that the corporate account would get a better service and privilege over a normal individual account. Moreover I was quite impressed by their brand ambassador – Indian Cricket Captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni and their WWF initiative to save Tigers (only 1411 are left as per their campaign). Point of worry is will they be able to sustain their customers to this figure if they keep working in such a lousy and non committal way else probably sometime sooner they will have to start a new campaign – Save Aircel Customers (only 1411 left). Or probably they have not been able to touch this figure by now.

When I got my first bill, there was no detail of my calls made though any average mobile service provider (leave the best ones) is providing this detail in their bill to the customer every month. When I tried contacting them through their website (email) I was surprised to see the level of their portal is so degraded that there is no record of your emails sent to them and there is no reply ever you receive. Where is the Right to Information in India according to which I should get this detail without any question? I got a bluff reply from their support centre when contacted on phone that for such details (for verification that the amount they are charging in their bill matches with the call details in the bill), I will have to pay Rs. 50 extra but I can get these details by logging in their website. How do I login? I asked. I was told to enter my mobile no. as in the following screen; I will get a password through sms. By entering that password I can easily login and see the details of all my calls made from that mobile no.
This is what happened actually to encounter their bluff: Step 1: I entered the mobile no. and clicked on get a password and below is what I got:

* Service temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

This happened every time i tried getting a password for so many days but all in vain.
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