Thursday, August 15, 2019

Gift Card Is The Best Idea For Gifting As The Facts Reveal

India is a country of traditions. Despite varied cultures in our country, we are fond of giving and receiving gifts. Gifting, in fact, is an age-old phenomenon worldwide. When Sudama came to meet Krishna in his palace, he brought a bundle of raw rice for him as a gift. A gift, in fact, is a gesture of love, affection, respect, and a lot more. In our country, we have an ample number of occasions to receive and give gifts to each other. These are occasions such as birthday, marriage, festivals, recognitions, appreciations, celebrations, and so on. All such occasions call for the exchange of gifts. Initially, on birthdays the gifting mechanism used to be only one-sided. But gradually the culture changed and there became the concept of return gift. Similar is the case on festivals, the family gets together, and other occasions.

By the way, who doesn't like to get a gift? But as I remember in my childhood there were many occasions when I received a gift that either I didn't need or didn't like. Such kind of gifts was never utilized, in reality, by me. As a matter of fact, those were either kept aside unutilized forever, consuming their shelf life while perishing on their own. Or those would get gift-wrapped again to pass on to somebody else as a gift on some relevant occasion. The gift is an emotional mix of happiness, gratitude, and passion. The moment of giving or receiving a gift is a moment of pride in one's life.

Gift Card Practice is on the rise

During my childhood, I read a lot of stories in which the king or queen or Prince or princess or a rich man would gift their ornaments, land, pearls, jewels, gold, money, or any valuable item to a person on getting a piece of good news, praise, or a favor. That was another way of gifting. This was not gifting between equals. This was the kind of gifting from rich to poor, from high level to low level, or something of a similar kind. Now everybody has its own way of gifting and obviously one thinks in the best possible way when gifting to somebody else on some occasion. But still, in my opinion, the best idea for gifting is gifting through gift cards. Like, for instance, earlier it used to be a gift in the form of cash or material.

But as I said despite getting a very costly gift at times I found it of no use to me at all. Hence, during those times, the best kind of thing on occasions was to give cash as a gift. The recipient, in that case, has an option of spending that cash in whatever way he or she wants. And in reality, the cash given for a gift doesn't necessarily convert into a gift and spent elsewhere. So, in such cases, the aspiration of the gift goes in vain. That is why I feel, the best idea for gifting is through giving or sending gift cards. A gift card at least ensures that it will not go in the pocket as cash without getting converted into a gift. It, in fact, ensures that it will surely convert it into a gift.

What is your opinion on a gift card for gifting?

At the same time, it gives full liberty to the recipient to buy a gift of his or her own choice. That way a gift card is the best way of gifting and probably everybody will agree to it. In this era of the digital age, the option of e-gift cards adds tremendous value to it. So now you can give the e-gift card in both the forms depending on the choice of the recipient it can be an e-gift card or it can be a physical gift card. One can Send a gift card to India quite easily these days. Both forms of gift card (e-gift card and gift card) can be utilized easily online and offline for purchasing a gift of your own choice and need. A gift card, of course, gives full leverage to buy an item of your own choice and the one you need most.

That make the efforts of gifting completely worthy. As a matter of fact, gifting with gift cards or e-gift cards is on a rising trend exponentially because this is the best form of gifting.

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