Friday, August 13, 2021

Delta Variant And Actions Across The Globe #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

The Delta Variant of COVID-19 is very much there now. It has arrived in various parts of the world in different levels of potentices and severities. The World Health Organization (WHO) had termed it as the "fastest and fittest" mutation of the novel Coronavirus. And you know what? It's exactly coinciding with the major easing of safety norms across the globe. This, in fact, has given a leverage of a faster spread of the Delta variant. CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) has alarmed it as more contagious. Also, it is spreading at double the speed of original Coronavirus strain. Though it has not yet been established of the current variant is more dangerous pathogenically than its predecessors, but it's speed has forced many governments to tighten back the restrictions regarding reopening of borders, social distancing, large events and congregations.
Delta Variant And Actions Across The Globe #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Let's see few the actions taken across the globe in this regard to mitigate as much risk as possible against the Delta variant of Coronavirus.

1. In Catalonia, Spain, nightclubs have been ordered to close completely again just two weeks after they were allowed to reopen. Otherwise, also, Catalan authorities have set limits gatherings to maximum ten persons. Bars and restaurants now must close latest by 12.30 am. 

2. Japan returned to State of Emergency right before the beginning of Olympics. Only 20 days after lifting some restrictions, Japan introduced a new state of health emergency. Olympic games have been held behind closed doors.

3. Malta had started welcoming tourists since early June while relaxing many restrictions. But to fight will against Delta variant of Coronavirus, Malta has decided on an emergency closure of its borders to all the tourists who gave not yet got vaccinated. In fact, Malta is the only country in the European Union to take this measure. Many other EU member states are planning to apply similar restrictions.

4. In India, the festival season is at the corner. There is a long queue of festivals coming up in the next 3-4 months. State and Central administrations have already started taking strict measures against mass gatherings during any festivities.

5. Since July, gatherings in Seoul have been facing most drastic restrictions. These are the harshest since the beginning of the pandemic. Since July 12,no more than two persons can gather after 6 pm. All the schools, bars, and restaurants are completely closed.

6. In Tunisia, conditions have worsened to a large extent. Hospitals are facing a high influx of new Covid patients in Tunis. To control the spread of virus, the governing agencies there have imposed high restrictions on Tunis and five other regions.

7. In the United States, cities have imposed travel restrictions on other states. Chicago was the first to impose fresh restrictions on travelers moving from Arkansas and Missouri because the number of Delta variant cases have been reported highest at these two places.

8. Russia is pushing heavily for vaccination, health passes to move out, working from home, etc. Hardly 15% of the population in Moscow is fully vaccinated so far.

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